Loyalty Reward Gifts

Loyalty Reward Gifts

Receive a free Dr Hauschka product for every 10 Dr Hauschka products you buy from Grace Emmerson.

How it works

Earn one stamp for each full-size Dr.Hauschka product or Kit purchased from me. (Excludes Muslin Cloth, Cosmetic Sponge, Pencil Sharpener) 

Collect ten stamps to claim any one Dr.Hauschka product up to the value of £39.

Each product purchased from me, either in person or from www.graceemmerson-online.co.uk is awarded one stamp. Collect ten stamps to complete the card and you will be entitled to claim your free gift and begin a new card.

Receiving your free gift

I will hold your Loyalty Card here to ensure that each product you purchase is awarded a stamp. After purchasing 10 products from me, you can choose any one Dr Hauschka porduct from the Face, Body, Bath, Hair and Makeup range which can either be collected or will be includued with your next posted order. 

Opting out (applicable to customers registered prior to Dec 30th 2016)
If you purchase only 2-3 products per year (or less), you may wish to continue to earn Customer Loyalty Points as before. If you decide on this option, simply let me know and I will ensure that points are added with every purchase and will be redeemed as usual.

 Terms and Conditions: 

The Loyalty Card Schem was introduced in January 2017. This new scheme offers significantly better value than the previous Customer Loyalty Points reward scheme and all customers will automatically become part of the Loyalty Card Rewards scheme unless you choose to opt out (see below). Please note for customers registered prior 30/12/16 your current Customer Loyalty Point balance remains active until it is redeemed against a product purchase or Dr Hauschka Treatment.

  1. Valid only for full-size Dr Hauschka Skin Care products and kits purchased from Grace Emmerson or from www.graceemmerson-online.co.uk
  2. Each product is awarded one stamp regardless of product value.
  3. Excludes Muslin Cloth, Cosmetic Sponge and Pencil Sharpener.
  4. Only for personal use.
  5. One free product per redemption.
  6. Your free product can be collected from the store or will be included with an order.
  7. Free gifts will not be posted on their own. They will be posted with your next order.
  8. No responsibility for loss or compensation can be taken at the store.
  9. This Loyalty Card Scheme is in collaboration with Wala UK, producer of Dr Hauschka Skin Care products. They have generously agreed to support me as a small and independent Dr Hauschka stockist in recognition of my excellent customer service, professional bespoke advice and my passion for Dr Hauschka Skin Care.
  10. The scheme is operated by Wala UK, 32 Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2NP.
  11. Wala reserve the right to cancel, withdraw or amend the scheme at any time.
  12. Incomplete, unreadable, copied, damaged, or falsely completed cards will not be accepted.