The Art of Touch.

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Dr.Hauschka Facial and Body Treatments are holistic in the truest sense of the word. The quality of touch plays a central role in all Dr.Hauschka treatments and makes an essential contribution to the depth and effectiveness of these gentle treatments. You will feel refreshed, renewed and wholesomely pampered with an enduring sense of wellbeing.

DRH Classic Treatment. Deeply nourishing

Dr. HauschkaClassic Treatment

Deeply nourishing


Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment is a luxurious and holistic facial treatment which leaves your skin hy.....

DRH Firming Treatment

Dr. HauschkaFirming Treatment


The Dr.Hauschka Firming Treatment has been specifically developed to actively care for maturing.....

DRH Revitalising Treatment

Dr. HauschkaRevitalising Treatment


Dr.Hauschka Revitalising Treatment for relaxing and nourishing face care. Designed as a wonderful.....

DRH Clarifying Treatment

Dr. HauschkaClarifying Treatment


Dr.Hauschka skin care works with the skin to repair, strengthen and give long-term support to create.....

DRH Holistic Body Treatment

Dr. HauschkaHolistic Body Treatment


The dynamic Dr.Hauschka Body Treatment is a holistic body massage like no other. The gentle movem.....

DRH Luxury Facial and Body Treatment

Dr. HauschkaLuxury Facial and Body Treatment


A most popular extended treatment is a 2 1/2 hour luxurious combination of the Facial and Body Treat.....

DRH Back Cleanse & Massage

Dr. HauschkaBack Cleanse & Massage


The Dr.Hauschka Back Cleanse is the ideal treatment to prepare your back for revealing t-shirts or s.....

DRH Foot Treatment

Dr. HauschkaFoot Treatment


We feel good when our feet feel good. The Dr.Hauschka Foot Treatment not only nourishes your feet an.....

DRH Hand Treatment

Dr. HauschkaHand Treatment


The Dr.Hauschka Hand Treatment revitalises your skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother. This p.....

DRH Facial Gymnastics

Dr. HauschkaFacial Gymnastics


Dr. Hauschka Facial Gymnastics are exercises that actively strengthen and train the facial muscles t.....

DRH Holistic Massage

Dr. HauschkaHolistic Massage


This is a luxurious, grounded, skilled and sensitive massage responding to your individual needs. Th.....

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