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Dr Hauschka Face Care

Truly exceptional skin care for a radiant complexion

DRH Night Serum. Oil free night care

Dr. HauschkaNight Serum

Oil free night care


Dr Hauschka Night Serum This essential night-time skin care revitalises the skin, supports elimin.....

DRH Cleansing Cream. Deeply effective & gentle

Dr. HauschkaCleansing Cream

Deeply effective & gentle


Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream This unique Cleansing Cream offers gentle deep cleansing to leave ski.....

DRH Cleansing Cream. Limited Edition size 100mls Save £9

Dr. HauschkaCleansing Cream

Limited Edition size 100mls Save £9


Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream 100mls Limited Edition size Celebrating 50 years of Dr Hauschka .....

DRH Cleansing Cream. Miniature

Dr. HauschkaCleansing Cream



Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream miniature Ideal for overnight travel or to try before you buy. 10mls .....

DRH Daily Hydrating Eye Cream. Nourishing

Dr. HauschkaDaily Hydrating Eye Cream



Daily Hydrating Eye Cream - minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Daily Hydrating Eye Cream nourishe.....

DRH Regenerating Hand Cream. NEW! Intensive and pro-active hand care

Dr. HauschkaRegenerating Hand Cream

NEW! Intensive and pro-active hand care


Dr Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream Provides intensive smoothing and moisturising hand care.The n.....

DRH Rose Day Cream. Limited Edition size 50mls Save £14.33

Dr. HauschkaRose Day Cream

Limited Edition size 50mls Save £14.33


Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream 50mls Limited Edition size Celebrating 50 years of Dr Hauschka sk.....

DRH Eye Balm. Protecting

Dr. HauschkaEye Balm



Dr Hauschka Eye Balm Purchase the Dr Hauschka Eye Balm here at Grace Emmerson Online Sometimes.....

DRH Soothing Cleansing Milk. Gentle cleanse and makeup removal

Dr. HauschkaSoothing Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleanse and makeup removal


Dr Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk A wonderfully gentle and effective cleansing milk for gentle .....

DRH Soothing Cleansing Milk. Miniature

Dr. HauschkaSoothing Cleansing Milk



Dr Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk Ideal for overnight travel or to try before you buy. 10mls.....

DRH Clarifying Steam Bath

Dr. HauschkaClarifying Steam Bath


Dr Hauschka Steam Bath The Dr Hauschka Steam Bath is available to purchase at Grace Emmerson Onli.....

DRH Eye Revive. Soothing

Dr. HauschkaEye Revive



Dr Hauschka Eye Revive Buy Dr Hauschka Eye Revive at Grace Emmerson Online A little bit of Hau.....

DRH Clarifying Clay Mask. Deep Cleansing

Dr. HauschkaClarifying Clay Mask

Deep Cleansing


Dr Hauschka Clarifying Clay Mask Pot Mineral clay with extracts of nasturtium and witch hazel cle.....

DRH Facial Toner. Balances normal &dry skin

Dr. HauschkaFacial Toner

Balances normal &dry skin


Dr Hauschka Facial Toner Facial Toner supports the skin’s natural processes of cleansing and rene.....

DRH Facial Toner. Miniature travel size

Dr. HauschkaFacial Toner

Miniature travel size


Dr Hauschka Miniature Facial Toner 10mls .....

DRH Clarifying Toner. Soothes oily & blemished skin

Dr. HauschkaClarifying Toner

Soothes oily & blemished skin


Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner Tones, balances and calms oily skin. Specially formulated for oil.....

DRH Clarifying Toner.  Miniature travel size

Dr. HauschkaClarifying Toner

Miniature travel size


Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner Miniature In miniature - the perfect introduction or for travel.....

DRH Coverstick 01. Natural** special order

Dr. HauschkaCoverstick 01

Natural** special order


Dr Hauschka Coverstick For Fair Skin. 01 - Natural ** allow 5-7 days for delivery Purchase 01 Cov.....

DRH Coverstick 02. Beige** special order

Dr. HauschkaCoverstick 02

Beige** special order


Dr Hauschka Coverstick 02 - Beige. **Allow 5-7 days for delivery Buy the Coverstick by Dr Hauschk.....

DRH Regenerating Serum. Replenishes

Dr. HauschkaRegenerating Serum



Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum 30ml For mature skin. Used morning and night, the Dr Hauschka R.....

DRH Coverstick 03. Sand

Dr. HauschkaCoverstick 03



Dr Hauschka Coverstick 03 - Sand Buy the 03 Coverstick by Dr Hauschka online at Grace Emmerson .....

DRH Renewing Night Conditioner. Advanced Night Care

Dr. HauschkaRenewing Night Conditioner

Advanced Night Care


Dr Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner [was Rhythmic Night Conditioner] Advanced Night Care Purch.....

DRH Sensitive Care Conditioner. **Special order

Dr. HauschkaSensitive Care Conditioner

**Special order


Dr Hauschka Sensitive Conditioner. **Special order: please allow 5-7 days before delivery Pu.....

DRH Rose Day Cream. For dry, sensitive and rosacea

Dr. HauschkaRose Day Cream

For dry, sensitive and rosacea


Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream 30ml For normal, dry or sensitive skin. This beautifully-scented cr.....

DRH Rose Day Cream Light

Dr. HauschkaRose Day Cream Light


Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light 30ml For normal, dry or sensitive skin Dr Hauschka Rose Day C.....

DRH Rose Day Cream Light. Miniature

Dr. HauschkaRose Day Cream Light



Dr Hauschka Mini Rose Day Cream [Light] .....

DRH Quince Day Cream

Dr. HauschkaQuince Day Cream


Dr Hauschka Quince Day Cream 30ml For normal, uncomplicated skin. Quince and beeswax in t.....

Celebrating 50 years of Dr Hauschka Skin Care

When you commit to looking after your skin, you want to know you are using the very best products to create naturally healthy, clear and radiant skin. With Dr Hauschka skin care range, you can be confident that you have chosen effective skin care which gives visible results and which contains ingredients of the highest standard. 

Your face is an aspect of your individual beauty. It reveals your character, your feelings and your expression and is an intimate yet immediate way in which you are recognised. Therefore, when you care for your face in a nurturing way, it improves your confidence. Caring for your skin improves the appearance of your skin and maintains skin health into the future. It is a positive act of self-care to nurture your skin with Dr Hauschka skin care products.

Organic and Natural Launched in 1967, this year sees the 50th anniversary of Dr Hauschka Skin Care. It was unique then, and ahead of its time. And that is true today.
The complete range of Dr Hauschka skin care for face, body, bath, hair and make-up are 100% certified natural. Wherever possible, the ingredients are sourced from organic or biodynamic cultivation. 
From the outset, when Dr Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund developed their first skin care range, the formulations were based on natural ingredients and free from parabens, silicones and PEG, as well as synthetic preservatives, dyes and fragrances; this is natural skin care that supports the skin’s inherent regenerative abilities. And the Dr Hauschka philosophy has not changed. 

Organic and Natural Dr Hauschka skin care products are certified by the high standards of NATRUE. This international association ensures that you can trust that the product you are buying contains only natural & organic ingredients throughout. Organic cosmetics are certified only if they have a minimum 95% organic content. Even today, it is not possible to obtain all raw materials in organic quality. Dr Hauschka Skin Care has led the field in projects to cultivate newly-organic ingredients such as essential rose oil, mango butter, castor oil and shea butter.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care for great skin confidence. From Grace Emmerson Online