Hair Care

Hair Care

Dr Hauschka Hair Care products

A healthy scalp equals beautiful healthy hair. Our hair is constantly challenged by modern living. Give yours the very best protection and treatments.

DRH Nourishing Hair Conditioner. For shining healthy hair

Dr. HauschkaNourishing Hair Conditioner

For shining healthy hair


Dr Hauschka Nourishing Hair Conditioner Regenerative medicinal plant extracts from marsh mallow, .....

DRH Strengthening Hair Treatment. Repair and protect dry, damaged hair

Dr. HauschkaStrengthening Hair Treatment

Repair and protect dry, damaged hair


Dr Hauschka Strengthening Hair Treatment  Dr Hauschka Strengthening Hair Treatment revitaliz.....

DRH Revitalising Hair & Scalp Toner. For dry/ oily hair & itchy scalp

Dr. HauschkaRevitalising Hair & Scalp Toner

For dry/ oily hair & itchy scalp


Dr Hauschka Revitalising Hair & Scalp Tonic Dr Hauschka Revitalsing Hair & Scalp Tonic ad.....

Hair Care by Dr Hauschka

A range of hair care products available for purchase at Grace Emmerson

Enjoy beautiful looking hair.