Dr Hauschka Makeup Tutorials

Karim Sattar, International Makeup Artist, inspires you to easily create great looks using Dr Hauschka Makeup in just a few minutes.

1. Flawless Complexion How to create a beautifully natural complexion. 5 mins

2. Colour Correcting and Balancing Correct redness and balance your facial contours. 6 mins.

3. Signature Brow For fabulous eyebrows. 3mins

4. Perfect Flick Karim makes a difficult task easy. 3 mins.

5. Wow Lashes For fabulous eyelashes. 3 mins

6. The Perfect Red Pout. And not only reds. Includes great tips on how to use Lip Liner 
and shows you how to fix your Lipstick so it lasts for hours. 5mins

Naturally Glamorous From natural to glamorous 6 mins.